SHAD's SH36 Side Cases: A Comprehensive Review & Video

When it comes to long-distance motorcycle touring, having the right luggage is essential. Side cases are an excellent option for carrying gear on a motorcycle, and the SH36 side cases by SHAD are a best-in-class choice for any rider looking for a high-quality and functional set of saddlebags.

These side cases are known for their innovative and functional design, their capacity for an XXL modular helmet, and their lightness compared to other side cases on the market.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the SH36 side cases and explore their features, design, and functionality.

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Design and features

The SH36 side cases by SHAD are known for their innovative design, which earned the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2015 and the 2017 German Design Award Special.

The side cases have an aerodynamic shape that helps increase the motorcycle's security and stability, making them perfect for long-distance touring. They are also designed with an internal tray that helps hold the load, ensuring that your gear stays in place during the ride.

The side cases are constructed with a structural frame that offers water tightness, rigidity, and lightness, making them ideal for any type of weather condition.

One of the most notable features of the SH36 side cases is their capacity for an XXL modular helmet, which is not common in many other side cases on the market.

This means that you can easily store your helmet when you are not using it, giving you more space in your motorcycle's trunk or top case.

The SH36 side cases also come with an extra cylinder lock as standard, allowing you to use one key to open all three cases (side and top cases). They also include holding straps to ensure that the internal load does not move during the ride.

The security offered by the Handle Lock System allows you to have a double lock, fastening the case to the bike and closing the top case at the same time. The side cases also have a handle that makes it easy to carry them once they are extracted from the bike.

3P System by SHAD

When it comes to motorcycle luggage, safety and stability are of utmost importance. That's why SHAD has introduced their innovative 3P System side kit, specifically designed to provide both aesthetics and safety.

The 3P kit features a single arm that supports the three points (3P) needed to fix the side case, resulting in a better integrated design with the bike. Not only does this make the kit look sleek and stylish, but it also enhances safety by shifting the luggage's weight towards the bike's center of gravity.

The position and volume of the case, along with the angle of the 3P System, have been designed to improve stability and security when driving with a full load. Additionally, the use of 3 points confers firmness and flexibility at the same time, allowing the air to flow easily around it, resulting in better aerodynamics and reducing the "anchor" effect of a typical flat and rigid case.

The uniqueness and innovation of the 3P System has allowed SHAD to proceed with patent registration, making us the only manufacturer to offer this kind of fitting system. With the 3P System mounts, riders can be confident in the safety and stability of their SH36 side cases.

Customization Options

The SH36 side cases come with a standard carbon look cover, but you have the option to customize it with different cover colors available, including white, new titanium, dark grey, or metallic black.

There is also a paintable option available, allowing you to customize the cover to color-match your bike's style.

Optional Accessories

As a must-have accessory, SHAD offers internal bags (X0IB36) that fit perfectly into the side cases. These bags have an external pocket with a zipper for direct access, even with gloves on, and are reinforced with internal foam to protect the contents from any hit.

The bags have a zipper with a puller that can be used with gloves, making it easy to access your gear. They also have a strap and a handle to make it easier to carry your belongings without having to extract the case.


The SH36 side cases by SHAD are an excellent choice for any rider looking for a high-quality and functional set of side cases. Their innovative and functional design, their capacity for an XXL modular helmet, and their lightness compared to other side cases on the market make them a popular choice for long-distance touring. They also offer customization options and accessories, making them a versatile and practical option for any rider. If you are in the market for new side cases, the SH36 side cases by SHAD are definitely worth considering.