A new generation of comfort seats. SHAD has developed SHAD STYLE, an advanced range of comfort seats created by engineers specialized in ergonomics, that includes state-of-the-art comfort technology to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

How many kilometres of good routes have been ruined by an uncomfortable seat. 


The new generation of SHAD STYLE seats has been designed to increase comfort for riders and passengers in medium or long trips, both in the city and on the road for medium or long periods of time.

Ergonomics, hardness and design of each SHAD STYLE seat have been studied by our engineers and designers. Nothing is taken from the original seat; the base, foam and cover are part of a completely new seat.


Pressure redistribution


The increase of the contact surface and the pressure relief tunnel ensure a better pressure redistribution, thus offering a feeling of enveloping ergonomics and comfort.
The several COMFORT TESTS conducted by SHAD show that a SHAD STYLE seat means a guarantee of comfort while riding. The pressure map shows the difference between a SHAD STYLE seat and the rest of seats available in the market. The SHAD STYLE range distributes pressure better throughout the seat, reducing critical pressure points and eliminating the “hot spots” that usually cause discomfort and fatigue.



Strict Quality control


Our Quality department has a key role in the control and supervision of our product range. All our SHAD STYLE seats are subject to several tests to ensure they comply with the strictest standards. The most rigorous quality controls are applied to our entire SHAD STYLE range, just as we do with the OEM seats we manufacture for our OEM customers. The high technological level achieved in the development and manufacturing of our seats has allowed us to receive the most prestigious Quality Certifications, among them, the IS0 9002



We do not modify your old seat


With the SHAD STYLE seats, the customer does not need to give his old seat, as nothing is reused from the original seat. SHAD STYLE are 100% new models. Our seats are made of new and improved materials. This allows us to offer immediate delivery, without waiting, as we have available stock of all the models we launch. It saves time, as the seat arrives to the customer in 24/48h.



Developed by the European leader in seat manufacturing


We are the European leader in seat manufacturing for the most important brands. SHAD is a property of NADSL Group, a company founded more than 40 years ago, whose main activity is the development and manufacturing of OEM seats and luggage for motorcycles. NADSL is leader in Europe in seat manufacturing and equips the main European brands: BMW, TRIUMPH, KTM, HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, PEUGEOT, MBK. From our headquarters in Barcelona, we offer our customers a comprehensive service that includes design, development and manufacturing of the entire range of seats. All OEM projects are exclusively developed for each brand depending on the requirements of each individual project.



Comfort and Security under Xtreme Conditions


Setting a new standard in ergonomics when riding a motorbike is concerned, we have created a new range of seats provided with heating, able to reach the desired temperature within 1 minute. The heat is distributed evenly across the surface and the temperature can be selected between two positions (36 and 42 degrees celsius). You can connect directly to the battery or through the key to have total control. Anyway, the system incorporates a control of voltage and is automatically switched off when the battery delivers less than 12V preventing it from being unable to start the engine.


YAMAHA T-MAX 500/530 (08-15) SHY0T5320H
  T-MAX 500/530 (08-15) SHY0T5329H
  MT-09 (13-15) SHY0M9300H
HONDA CBF 600 (09-12)/1000 (12) SHH0C111CH
  NC750/700X (12-15) SHH0N720CH
  NC750/700X (12-15) SHH0N710CH
  NC750/700X (12-15) SHH0N720CNH
  NC750/700X (12-15) SHH0N710CNH
  NC750/700S (12-15) SHH0NS700CH
  NC750/700S (12-15) SHH0NS709CH
  NC750/700S (12-15) SHH0NS700CNH
  NC750/700S (12-15) SHH0NS709CNH
  INTEGRA 750 (14-15) SHH0I740CH
KAWASAKI Z800 (13-15) SHK0Z8300CH
SUZUKI V-STROM 1000 (14-15) SHS0V1400H
  V-STROM 1000 (14-15) SHS0V1409H
  MP3 500 BUSINESS/SPORT (11-13) SHV0M2329H




Design and technology at the service of comfort


Our seats comfort is achieved by using high-quality materials. A skay, resistant to chemicals and adverse weather conditions, with thermo-sealed seams that offer a 100% waterproof and water-resistant seat. A base that has been improved over the OEM seat, with polyurethane materials in GMPU, that endow it with a higher resistance to impacts, but with less weight. The seat’s internal area has a high-density polyurethane foam, the exclusive 3D MESH technology and polyester foam that offers a soft-touch finish. In addition, between the foam and the base we incorporated a pressure relief tunnel, that allows the air to exit and the correct pressure distribution.



Use of improved materials


Each element of a SHAD seat has been redesigned and improved from the original seat, using new technical concepts and the latest developments of materials. The main innovation is the 3D MESH technology, a bielastic foam placed between the base and the polyurethane cushion to increase the feeling of comfort. Our seats DO NOT use gel solutions that are deformed as time passes and are sensitive to temperature changes. 3D MESH technology guarantees hours of travel without losing its shape; it absorbs vibrations and dampens the rebound, as well as offering more elasticity and resistance.