BMW G310R SH36 Side Cases Package
BMW G310R SH36 Side Cases Package
BMW G310R SH36 Side Cases Package

BMW G310R SH36 Side Cases Package


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Set of (2) Side Cases and Full Mounting Hardware Required

The new 3P Side Case mount allows mounting of SHAD’s new Side Cases on the G310R Motorcycle by BMW

3P System Side Mount  Ref: W0G317IF

Technical Details

The new 3P System side kit’s features are: 

  • Integrated design: The side mounting integrates itself better with the bike. 
  • Lightness: Less weight to cause nearly no change in the bike’s center of gravity, hence improving safety.
  • Easy to assemble.


    SHAD SH36 SIDE CASES - Featuring SHAD's Patented new 3P Mounting system, both safety and ergonomics were taken into consideration to develop this award winning saddlebag mount design by SHAD. Easily Removable, lockable but, accesible without the need of inserting a key, these Side Cases easily swallow a XXL Full Face Helmet. Offered standard with Carbon Color panels, an inner tray to prevent items from dropping when opening and, an elastic band holding your belongings in place. Optional Inner Bags for the SHAD SH36 are available. 

    • Capacity for 1 Full Face helmet per case.
    • Premium Lock Upgrade (2 positions)
    • Sold as a pair of 2 side cases
    • Carbon Fiber color plate included!
    • Capacity: 36L
    • Maximum Load: 24 lb
    • Requires 3P Fitting System - better integrated and lighter
    • Weighs less than other panniers
    • Highly aerodynamic
    • Impact Resistant
    • Fully Waterproof
    • Cushioned inner bags available as an accessory
    • Measurements: 19.29" W x 14.96" H x 12.99"