OUR INSTALLATIONS.- Our facilities are equipped with installations that allow us to control every point on our chain-of-value, resulting in improved efficiency and quality in terms of both development and production. We also have a technical office and production centre in Shanghai that provide support for our operations outside Europe.


COMPLETE VALUE CHAIN.- NAD, S.L. is capable of providing Product  Development “from start to finish” along with innovative solutions designed to meet the needs of our customers.

NADSL currently equips with seats and top cases the principal European motorcycle production centres, exporting seats for some brands such as Triumph, to their production centres in Indonesia. The design, development, production and storage of our entire OEM equipment is carried out at our central production facilities in Mollet del Vallés, located on the outskirts of Barcelona. We supply and equip seats for the following makes of motorcycles:

Our Products:

Top Cases

Side Cases

Mounting Kits

Semirigid Bags

Waterproof Bags

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