SHAD aluminum top case & panniers on BMW F750GS - lateral view - adv motorcycle luggage set.
SHAD aluminum top case & panniers on BMW F750GS - side view- adventure motorcycle luggage set.
Sleek and discrete top mount and SH58X top case on BMW F750GS - Ideal for Motorcycle Travel.

BMW F750GS F800GS (18-24) Luggage Set Builder


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The BMW F750GS luggage set by SHAD, featuring a 4P system and a top case, is meticulously designed to provide optimal storage solutions for your motorcycle. This extensive luggage collection spans a wide range of top cases and saddlebags, catering to both daily use and long-distance touring.

SHAD's top case mounting kits are specifically crafted to facilitate the attachment of various SHAD top cases to your BMW F750GS. These motorcycle-specific kits mount to the rear of the bike, and a SHAD mounting plate (included with all SHAD top cases except the Terra Aluminium series) securely attaches to the kit. This setup allows for the straightforward attachment and removal of a SHAD top case.

The SHAD 4P mounting systems are renowned for their seamless integration with the motorcycle, offering a more advanced option than many other saddlebag mounting systems on the market. The 4P system is noted for its slim design, light weight, and user-friendly approach to mounting your saddlebags.

The SHAD 4P system features a rectangular frame, complete with a transversal bar. This additional feature provides increased strength and significantly reduces vibration, especially beneficial for adventure riding and off-road terrains.

  • Multiple options are available for creating your ideal luggage set.
  • This package encompasses all necessary mounting kits, allowing you to choose your preferred saddlebags and top case.
  • Optional accessories for both the top case and saddlebags are also available.
  • Manufactured in Barcelona.
  • A 2-year manufacturer's warranty is part of the package. Detailed instructions are provided to facilitate easy installation.
  • The luggage sets for the BMW F750GS are constructed from robust, powder-coated steel.

These luggage sets for the BMW F750GS are pre-drilled as required, including all the necessary fittings and detailed instructions, ensuring a simple and efficient installation process. The included cases/bags will vary based on your selection; the standard selection includes only the mounting kits.