VStrom 1000 (14-19) Semirigid Bag Holder
VStrom 1000 (14-19) Semirigid Bag Holder
VStrom 1000 (14-19) Semirigid Bag Holder
VStrom 1000 (14-19) Semirigid Bag Holder

VStrom 1000 (14-19) Semirigid Bag Holder


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The semi-rigid side bags are an alternative to rigid side cases, ideal for those who do not usually make long journeys with the bike and seeks balance between functionality and aesthetics. But if you want to enjoy the full guarantee of a baggage conveyor system when you travel out of town, it is better to secure with a locking system.
In SHAD, we have developed new bindings that offer greater strength and security when using side bags, while preserving the aesthetics of the bike, not seriously interfering in its original design.

To mount this bags to your bike you need:
Side holder for semi rigid bags E48 for VStrom 1000 (14-18)
Ref: S0VS14SE

Semi Rigid Saddle bags with reflective elements to increase security. Expandable. Fixed to the bike by a new specific system "Side bag holder".

  • Semi Rigid Exterior thermo-formed in EVA and reinforced sides with. Tough, keeps belongings protected. More stable in the wind.
  • Zip main compartment for secure, spacious storage and adjustable elastic straps.
  • Expandable to increase capacity. It features two straps with metal buckle to adjust volume and prevent from twisting because of the wind and vibration of the bike.
  • Cushioned carry handle
  • Waterproof zipper with resistant pullers suitable for use with gloves.
  • 2 straps for securing the bag to the bike frame.
  • Waterproof rain cover.
  • Fixed to the bike by a new metallic "Side Bag Holder“, that is inserted into a the rear compartment of the saddle bag.
  • Rings that allow the use of heat shield (Insulation thermal pad Ref. X1SB97) sold as an accessory.

Size: 45 x 23 x 27 cm
Whole Set Capacity: 40 L to 52 L
Fabric: Polyester